Monday, February 13, 2006

Power Cuts near the Equator can be a pain!

Had a 2 hour power cut last night....... not nice!!!

Over here in Malaysia, even the nights are damn hot, and when the fans and air-con don't work, its better to brave the mosquitoes outside than stay inside........ however, when you have two young children that are about to sleep, going outside isn't such a good idea...... so good-old-Dad has to sweat it out inside the house fanning the kids with an old magazine until they fall asleep, and even then has to continue fanning them (was just waiting for them to wake up and start demanding peeled grapes to be fed to them)..........

The power cut caused more problems than that though. When the problem struck I was painting the eyes on a miniature destined for an internet painting competition. Needless to say that when the lights went out, I had no idea where the paintbrush wandered on the miniature's surface........ so after bumping around in the dark for a while and making sure candles were lit, kids were OK etc, I wandered back upstairs to see the damage......... not good, eyes were ruined as was much of the miniature's face. Later on, when the power came back on, I tried to re-paint the ruined areas, but to no avail.......... the miniature was OK for gaming, but not good enough for a competition............... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

Now I need to see if I have another suitable miniature and the time to do it so that I can still enter the competition.

And to make matters even worse, I missed the first half of the Tottenham EPL game....... not my favourite team by any stretch of the imagination, but I missed 45 minutes of EPL footy on the TV....... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Hopefully there won't be annuver power cut in the early hours of tomorrow morning when my boyz are playing....... that would really make me pissed.

On a more positive note, whilst fanning the kids and keeping them cool, I did have an idea for setting up a second Blog......... but this one being a little different in its focus. This blog right here, is a miscellaneous hodge-podge of bits-n-pieces....... the one on Dungeon Crawlers (see the link on the right) is much more Gaming orientated............... the new one........ well, I may start it up this week if I can get stuff ready.

What else happenend over the weekend?

* Spend Saturday at Wolfs, playing Dark Age (won again!) and generally hanging out wiv da boyz.
* Found my Evil Dead VCDs whilst cleaning an area of the house, and had great fun watching the first one in the early hours of Sunday morning after the footy had finished. Next up, Evil Dead 2, then Army of Darkness - Classics.
* Spent a lot of time playing with the children - one of the best things of being a parent.
* Caught up on most of my sleep (long work hours, very late EPL games on TV..... yadda yadda - God help me when the World Cup in Germany starts....... I'll never get any sleep!)

Basically, if it wasn't for the power cut it would've been a decent weekend :-(

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm giving up painting!!!!

Yep, after 20 years of painting models and metal miniatures, I'm giving up.

The reason for this is a guy who goes by the moniker "Wappellious" on the internet. He's becoming a real pain in the proverbial backside........... used to find him annoying, but now he's gone too far, waaaaaay too far.

This guy churns out miniatures a heck of a lot faster than me, and his painting quality is just *Arrrrrrrrghhhhh* too damn good! Makes you just wanna quit, give up, buy the daisies and shovel ready for you to dig your grave, throw yourself in and plop the daisies on top of ya.

His latest work has forced me to throw away my brushes in disgust................. well not disgust, but dis-lust............. Have a look:

A group of 'Banes' for the Dark Age game.......... have a look at the female 'Bane' on the left of the group shot. Ain't she a babe? The way he's painted her, makes her damn attractive...... how the hell can he do such a painting job and make a miniature so attractive????

I give up!!

p.s. Only joking James........ Superb work, I ain't quitting, just truely pissed that I can't do stuff as good as you........ LOL.......... Respect to the Wappel-Geezer, luvving the work as usual ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who/What am I????


Been thinking about this lately.

When we ask ourselves "Who am I?", we normally come up with the answer... "Well, I am Mr so-and-so, aged blah-blah, living in whizz-bang"...... but the trouble is that this ain't a good answer, coz all that stuff means is labels.

Yeah, that line that we use as a reply when we meet someone for the first time, is just a collection of labels..... but think more deep-like, who are you really?

Now, what the hell lead to this deep-thought-inducing question, and why the hell am I including it here. Well, lunchtime today was extremely boring. I forgot to bring any DVDs to watch (currently hooked on the "Firefly" series), the canteen and cafes are full of new students with their parents (it's registration day at the college), so I just logged onto the net, and after reading through a few of my mates Blogs, decided to go on a random Blog-Tour.......... you know, when you click the button top-right that says "Next Blog>>" and takes you to a random Blog........

Well, anyway, amongst the Blogs I browsed through were a shit-load of Spam Blogs which automatically whizz you off to some e-page either marketing their products (which no-one wants to buy, you jerks - get a life), or to Porn sites......... (no good when I'm at work *sigh*).........

The other majority of Blogs were ones by everyday people, just like you and I...... well, maybe just you (I ain't normal, or so my mates tell me!! *grin*), pouring out their hearts and emotions about everything under the sun....... and most of it was boring as hell. It was normally a case of browsing for 30 secs and then zooming off to the next Blog.

I hope peeps don't think mine is as boring as that......... some of it is pretty negative with moans and groans (normally about the driving here in Malaysia), but I think I've been getting better......... yes?........ no?........ answers and comments e-mailed to me *grin*.

Anyhoo, back to the point (there's a point???)....... some of these Blogs were taking pains to try and explain just who they are and going into all this Psychology stuff trying to justify why they do drugs, why they sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry...... and they just don't seem to get it. Neither do I but at least I'm trying to understand.

My best source of understanding who I am, is my kids. I can have a real shitty day, I can have a near murderous drive on the roads here (it would be me doing the murder by the way, to the next local idiot who thinks its OK to swerve out in front of me without indicating and without looking)......... *deep breath, count to ten*................... OK I'm back now, the black mist has gone....................

Where was I??

My kids, oh yeah.......... I can have a bad day etc etc yadadada, but when I get home, and get greeted by cries of "Daddy" and then seeing two small forms rushing at me, grabbing my legs and hugging me, all the shit that has happened don't mean shit.

All that matters................ and who I am, is there in front of me, in the form of a young girl and a young boy. I helped to create them...... I am making them into people....... and to tell the truth, they are one of the few things keeping me sane, and making me feel really alive.


Got a lot going on, in terms of my hobby.

Became an official Playtester for Dark Age Games. This will add to my Demoing activities for them. Haven't heard from Ian at Hetzerdog for a while (I also Playtest for them) - better give him a buzz and see wots happening.

Got to write a review of a new(ish) game for Your Move Games. Its a miniatures game without the miniatures........ "Battleground", a tabletop wargame where the units are represented by cards rather than groups of miniatures. Its got good feedback and looks interesting, so should be interesting to play and review.......... plus I'm getting some free stuff from them to base the review on. Can't be bad!!!

Currently painting up my Italian "Flames of War" army, damn slow........... assembling my "Heresy" Tunnel Dweller - luvverly model and perfect for a Nurgle Demon Prince........ what else?????

Oh yeah, finally getting round to finishing off my DBA New Kingdom Egyptians (after 2 years WIP) and also my first HOTT army.

Happy New Year to all those who read this ramblings. 2006 will see more frequent entries (I promise), and a much more positive attitude (but no promises regarding Malaysian Driving postings *grin*)

Cheers y'all


Monday, October 24, 2005

Modelling update

Its been a while since I have updated anything here, so here's the latest:


Currently painting up a Dragyri demo army and a gaming board for GAMECON-1 Gaming Convention on 3-4 December, over here in Malaysia.

The Dragyri army shall consist of a small number of 'Trueborn' Dragyri, and a whole bunch of smaller Slaves. The gaming board shall either be sand or snow covered with matching terrain items. All is currently WIP.

Yassine and myself will be running demonstration and participation games throughout the whole weekend (10am-10pm, Sat and Sun....... *phew*), and shall be using the new Dark Age rules (the rulebook has just been released - streamlined with a lot of new cool stuff).

We'll also be running a Dark Age Painting Competition soon. Totally free competition. We have 12 miniatures, kindly donated by Dark Age, and each entrant shall recieve one free of charge, and will then have to do as good a job as they can within 4-6 hours (still to confirm actual time limit). Entrants only have to bring their brushes and paints....... and the winner will get a complete starting St Mark army set, kindly sponsored by Wolfs Game Shop. Date to be announced shortly.


Trying to get 300 pts of Mid-Nor Dwarves finished, as well as getting 300 pts of Orcs assembled. The Drune Hound has been getting a lot of attention, so I should really apply paint to metal on that big poochy soon.


Currently working on a couple of diorama ideas, using miniatures from a number of manufacturers and incorporating Hirst Mould castings for the backings. Top Secret stuff this, will give more details later when I have time to finish them off.


There are some other projects that are semi-finished on my desk, put aside for more urgent projects, such as a miniature team of "West Ham Utd", DBA NK Egyptians (these buggers have been sitting on the desk for over a year!!!!), WHFB Beastmen featuring some nice Heresy models as well as the core GW figs, and I also have my Anastasia Diorama to complete.

Recently, late working nights and occasional sicknesses have delayed many of these projects, but the Dark Age stuff has to be finished before December, and some of the Confrontation stuff should also be finished at about the same time.

As a side note, my footy team "West Ham" are doing great in the Premiership, up to 9th at the moment. Enjoying every minute of our return...................

Friday, July 08, 2005

Terrorists = Cowards

The news from London yesterday, has put me in a real foul mood (yep, even worse than normal). The terrorist bomb attacks in the centre of my country's capital, has shown these people.......... sorry, animals.......... sorry, less than animals, to be cowards and servants of whatever evil god you believe in.

I have a lot of family in London, and after yesterday's events, I phoned home to make sure everyone I knew was OK and not caught up in the blasts.

Like the tragedy of 9/11 in New York, and more recently in Madrid, it just goes to show that these terrorists are not real men, they are cowards, less than animals, and not worthy to breath the same air as the rest of humanity. Not possessing the courage and decency to confront the actual cause of their unhappiness, they attack the civilians, the weak, and the helpless, and then they state that they were victorious.......... well, that must make their parents real proud, seeing their sons (and daughters) killing unarmed men, women and children. How proud their fellow countrymen must feel, having their neighbours plant bombs in densely populated areas, far from any miltary installations, faceless, and without the guts to show who they are.

This really pisses me off. I was absolutely shocked and full of remorse when I watched the events of 9/11 unfold on the TV. I was stunned and grieved when hearing of the Madrid blasts. And now for these fucking cowards to bomb my country, MY FUCKING COUNTRY makes me hope that true justice punishes the fucking cowards.

Al-Qaeda and other, similar, organisations can kiss my ass. Any supporters of these organisations are classed as cowards as well. If I find out about any Al-Qaeda supporters in Malaysia, I'll fucking castrate them, stuff their balls down their throats, and leave them to be eaten by rats, dogs and other shit-eating scum. There is no way that Britain and the US will ever bow down to your idiotic demands. The more shit like this that you do , just makes us stronger.

Go to hell you fuckers, you've already booked your entry ticket with your acts. Lets hope some people can speed up your arrival date.

Fucking terrorist cowards, burn in hell.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Its Party-time in the East-End........ Posted by Hello

Its......... H A M M E R T I M E !!!!!!!!!!!


My boyz fought a hard (and at times frustrating) play-off final last night against Preston, and WON!!! English Premiership here we come, back after two years out!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOO....

Marlon Harewood was as annoying as ever, winning bugger all headers, oblivious to team-mates around him that are in space and scoring positions. I hope the bugger gets sold and replaced in the summer. He doesn't deserve to follow us up.

Matty E had a quiet game. He normally is our most dangerous player, but last night set up the goal - granted, but didn't really do much else.

The captain, Reo-Coker has no pace........ even defenders were outrunning him.

Repka was surprisingly controlled (it was his last game for us).

I think the best player for us was Ward in central defence. Strong, good tackling, good positional sense....... looks promising for next season.

Our goal keeper, Walker, looked pretty stable, but I think was lucky he got injured near the end of the game, coz he handled the ball outside the box which could've seen a red card, leaving us with 10 men for the last 10 mins *gulp*. Instead he buggered up his knee and was subbed.

We should have had 2 penalities, and at least one of their players should've been sent off (O'Brien - dirty f****r).

We won, and now can look forward to beating Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, and Liverpool. Was I happy.............. do ducks like water????? Pulled a muscle in my shoulder after punching the air and leaping like a mad-man when we scored, got carpet burns on my knees after sliding across the floor towards the TV when the final whistle went, and got no sleep last night after the game...... I was just too high!!!!! Pretty sure the neighbours lost a couple of hours sleep as well with me shouting and cursing the Ref for always giving decisions Preston's way, and also throwing curses at Harewood (god, I really don't like that player).

Bring on the new season, the Hammers are back in town!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Too many projects, not enuff time!

Did an evaluation of all the gaming projects on the go........ way too many!! Not that I'm complaining, it's just a lot to do.

Demos for Dark Age are going well, with the new rulebook coming out soon that will have a slightly different way of playing, with improved forces and stats. Hope my CC arrives soon, coz I need to get some more figures for the new Demo sessions.

Demos for Dogs of War..... hmmm a bit behind here. Have two fire-teams to paint up and then need to run annuver demo. Some kind of stealth mission methinks.

Playtesting for Hetzerdog:

Currently painting up a 2500pt army for "Blood, Sweat and Tears" (a 6mm scale World War 2 game), and hope to have a game in a couple of weeks. Will be taking a lot of notes and piccies during that game coz I'm planning to do a Battle Report for the company so that they can use it for marketing the game when its released.

Also involved with playtesting a World War 2 skirmish game for them. Forces have around 30-40 figures per side (around small 40K size armies). Had a solo game the other day to familiarise myself with the rules. Pretty good fun! They are based on the "Babylons Burning" rules which is an post-apocolyptic skirmish game. Its looking good.

We are also playtesting a World War 1 aerial combat game for them called "Above the Trenches". Hex-based, and using an interesting system for movement and effects. The game feels like a mix between a boardgame and a tabletop game. Should be good for sales since it will appeal to both sets of gamers.

Coming soon is a World War 2 Naval game, featuring battles between battleships, cruisers and destroyers etc etc. The rules aren't quite ready for playtesting yet, but we are already looking around for figures to buy in preparation for when the file arrives in my Inbox.

I'm also (slowly) writing my own full set of rules. I have already written a supplement for Dogs of War which is approved and recognised by Devil Dog Design and also Heresy Miniatures (on whose figures the supplement is designed around). Modern forces vs Demons!!!! The full set of rules I'm in the process of doing is for a small fights, typical of bar brawls and cave encounters. Will probably have the basic game set in a historical period (maybe the days of the Musketeers) and will then add supplements to enable fantasy and sci-fi games.

I also have a HUGE backlog of figures and dioramas to make and paint, not least is my DBA New Kingdom Egyptians that have been collecting dust, half-painted on my painting table for months. Warmachine, Dark Age, Devil Dog, Rackham, Hasslefree, Heresy, Dragon, Essex, Skytrex, Adler......... the list goes on....... and yet I still buy more cool figures! Madness......... but a nice madness. I'm sure Wolf doesn't mind since most of the money goes to his shop!

I should arrange a Confrontation tournament soon, which will mean getting some of those figures painted up.

Also planning to have a Dark Age painting competition, for which I need to work with Dark Age themselves.

Too many projects, not enuff time!!!

Ain't life great?


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Friday, May 06, 2005

Another bloody Friday night at work........

Friday night............. 8pm............... Shinobi is very pissed off......... wish I were just pissed.

Have to give lectures till 10.30pm.... on a bloody Friday night!!! I'm sure there was some rule somewhere that said that Friday nights were like Sundays........ period of rest, worship (of the almighty nectar), and relaxation.

Imagine having to give a 3 hour lecture on Productivity and Teamwork to a bunch of part-time students who have just arrived from a full working day at their companies, had to drive through the hellish Kuala Lumpur traffic, and now have to sit through 3 hours of management lectures............. crazy!!!

Gonna have some fun with them tonight tho. Teamwork games, including the use of paper, tape, pins, and squirty cream (oi, behave, nothing sexual going on....... just squirty cream, blinfolds and aprons...... *ahem*).

Saturday tomorrow, gonna be giving some demos of Confrontation to try and get more people playing. They've bought the figs but ain't using the buggers. Gonna have to change dat.

My boyz have their final league game on Sunday vs. Watford. We've gotta win to stay in the play-off spots for promotion to the English Premiership................ gnnnnnnnn Stresssssssssssss. Not sure how we'd do if we actually get into the Premiership tho. We don't have a very strong or big squad (thank you for nothing Board members), so I can definitely see a fight for survival and against relegation............. we live in hope.

OK, gotta get back to the lecture hall now.

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Andrew WK - "Party Hard" - one of the best songs around.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ever thought about what you'd wish for?????

Sometimes I think about wishes.......... about what I would wish for if I had the chance to have one come true. I'm sure that most people have considered this at least once in their lives.

For some people, they would say... "I would wish for world peace".... kinda reminds ya of Miss World dunnit. Its all bollocks! These people would never ask for this if they had been given one wish. The participants in Miss World would wish for better looks, bigger breasts, an attraction that no man could resist etc etc....

For me, I reckon I would wish for the ability to make pictures come to life, and follow my wishes......... stay with me here, I'll explain.

If you wanted a new car, you could buy a magazine and use the ability to make a piccy of a Porshe, Ferrari, Roller become real.

If you wanted an album, you just buy a magazine and lo-and-behold the album could be yours.

If you wanted to get some revenge on an idiot who pissed you off on the road, just find a picture of a Tiger tank or Battle Robot/Mech and then go find him.

If you wanted some *ahem* fun, you just buy the magazine, video, switch the channel on the TV, and there she would be, all yours for however long you wanted her!

Yeah, that's what I'd wish for.......

Now, what would you wish for??????

he he he he he he he

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Shinobi's Chronicle.....

Just a heads up..... I have anuvver Blog-type-thingy over at the Dungeon Crawlers website. Its more of a gaming Blog wiv bits n' pieces about modelling and game projects, but does have a few pieces that are more Bloggy and life-experience kind of bollocks!!!

Pop over and have a butchers.......

Shinobi's Crawler Chronicle

Entered a figure in the Fantasy competition at Wolf's Game Shop. Pictures on the forum and poll are still pending, Eric has PC probs...... Think I stand a decent chance of winning, my choice of figure should help me (he he he Bare Breasts he he he)

The next competition is WH40K. Still not sure what to do for this. Wanna do something new, but not sure if I can get sumfing done in time, so may have to enter one of my older models. There'll be more entries for this one, so I'm less sure of winning.

My boyz won a crucial game on Saturday against one of the top teams in the division, and to make it sweeter we were away! Now up to 7th with a game in hand. Could move back into the playoff positions if we win the game in hand. Got Burnley next.......... hmmmm Battle of the Claret and Blues.....

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Anger Management - anyone got Jack Nicholson's number???

The people wot know me, know about my temper (or lack of). I ain't the kind of guy who goes around looking for fights or confrontations just to prove my manhood (I got kids, I know I got balls, I don't need to pick on wimps, drive big cars, or pick up tons of women to prove I'm a man). However, I also ain't the kind of guy who backs off when someone pisses me off.

Today, I lost my temper...... sounds like a therapy session dunnit! "Hello, my name is John, and I have a problem"........ bullshit!

Here's the situation:

I get an e-mail today from some geezer in the north of Malaysia. Don't know the guy, never met him, and after this he'd better not meet me.

Anyhoo, this geezer sends me an e-mail coz somehow he's found out that I am a convert to Islam......... OK I've probably lost a few readers by saying that... but wait....... I ain't a religious dude! To marry my missus I had to convert. I'm still pretty much a free-thinker, I don't pray, don't believe in anything much (although some things make sense with a number of religions, there ain't enuff proof to make me believe in anything).

In his e-mail, the guy starts conversing as if he's my mate, and goes on about how I should embrace Islam. He understands my confusion and wants to help me to see the truth about God and all that pazazz. WTF!!!!!! He even added some quotes from the Quran and says this and that about what I'm doing wrong...... If I wanna follow religion I have plenty of friends here (Muslim and non-Muslim) who can help me. At this time I don't need Religion. Never have done. I know about Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc but at this time there's nothing concrete enuff for me to embrace anything completely.

"Now", I think, "this guy might be one of those religious fanatics that gives Islam such a bad name, so I don't wanna diss him too much in case he has Taliban friends/sympathisers and they come and pay a visit to me".

But what the fuck! This sod has the nerve to send an e-mail like that. I know, I know..... I should have just deleted it as Junk Mail in case it had viruses and stuff, but the e-mail referred to things in my life that Junk Mail shouldn't know about. As it happens it was Junk but no virus (I checked!).

So what did I do. I sent him a e-mail reply with the title "No Interest - Go Away". The message included on the reply was simple "Nobody tells me what to believe. Sort your own life out before trying to convert/corrupt others. Don't contact me again."

Unbelievable!!! The only thing I can think of is that he found my website and got details from there. Now there's nothing on the website that can damage me or prove to create problems, but I suppose this kinda thing can happen.

How pissed off................... bloody pissed off!

Thought for the day: Religion is a personal thing. Its up to each individual to decide whether to believe or not. Don't diss them for their beliefs, but also don't diss them for their lack of beliefs. Freedom of belief.... thats the key!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Team's driving me up the wall..........

I am a supporter..... a true supporter. My team's results really affect the way I live, work and play. When my team loses, it really affects the way I behave, my emotions etc etc.

That's why supporting my f****** team makes me such a moody b******..............

My father's side of the family comes from the East end of London, and as such I was taken to a lot of games of my team very early in life. I had my team shirt bought every year for me as a birthday pressie, constant subliminal messages that I should be proud to be a supporter of my team............ while all my mates supported other teams, I kept my family allegience.........

Don't get me wrong, I would never change my team of choice. I am still contemplating getting a tatoo of my team's crest on my arm, but MAN they are seriously p****** me off and have been for the last few years.

We seriously need to sack the board. The manager is normally the scapegoat for all the hate an disapointment, but I feel that is unfair. After all, even if he is bad, who hired him? At the end of the day, who approves the player signings, who decides the transfer of our best players to other clubs, who decides where the money we get from selling our assets goes to??? THE BOARD!!! And even when the team is in dire straights, the board still rewards themselves with nice little bonuses and raises...................

I checked the premiership teams, and currently there are 18 players up there who used to play for my team. Now we have a team of players that I don't recognise, have a handful of caps between them (normally for some obscure nation that win nothing), and once they do prove decent quality, the board will sell them off to pay for their new luxury yacht..........

RANT RANT................

I don't think I even need to mention the football team in question. Those who know about footy should be able to guess from the clues I have written above...........


Friday, March 04, 2005

Working late on Friday night sucks big time!

Sitting in my office, staring at the Safety Action Plan I am in the middle of designing, and feeling bored as hell! A day filled with lectures and meetings hasn't ended the week on a nice note.

But, one thing is cheering me up......... tomorrow is Saturday........ SATURDAY yeah! My day of relaxation, with no work, wife or kids to divert my attention from my main hobby - gaming. Yeah, I know what you're thinking....."Gaming is for kids"..... well I'm a big kid OK, actually all guys are big kids. Just look at us when our youngsters open their Xmas pressies and they get toys. Who is the first to play it with the excuse of "I'm just setting it up", "I've got to test it first", "WHO PAID FOR IT?".

Well the games that I'm into ain't really for kids. They involve metal miniatures, paint, scalpels, needle files, thinners, drills and low flying tape-measures and dice. Wargames to be exact. Some people think that wargamers are nerds / geeks...... hmmm, nobody better say that to my face. Granted some gamers (actually quite a few) are the type of guy that can't get girlfriends, and thinks that a good time is spending all day in a cyber-cafe using the chatrooms to send messages to their friend two seats away. But hey, there are normal geezers amongst the gaming community as well. You only have to come to our local Games shop on a Saturday to see a fine collection of normal blokes from all walks of life and professional careers, having fun whilst re-enacting the complete obliteration of your opponent's army (physical representation is not normally considered good form, unless the b*****d really annoys you).

So tomorrow I'll be popping down to my local games shop, carrying my metal figures that have been lovingly painted and modelled, equipped with my "Dice of Doom"TM, and "Tape-Measure of Ranged Destruction"TM looking to have some fun, smoke some cancer sticks wiv da boyz, and generally forget about work, life, the universe and everything.

Current 'in-game' is Confrontation by Rackham. A skirmish fantasy wargame with fun rules and absolutely superb miniatures. Have finished some of my Mid-Nor Dwarves and need to finish enough for a complete army, but also need to start on my Devourers and Drunes. The link below takes you to the Rackham store where you can see the miniatures in all their goodness:

Need to get a piccy added here, so everyone can see the geezer that is writing these ramblings..... maybe later.

Thought for the day:
"Wargames ain't for pansies, coz the S.A.S. do it and they kick pansy butt big time!"

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Here we go.......

OK, so I finally got round to putting one of these up on the net. I did my website a while back, but it ain't the best place to put thoughts and ideas due to the construction effort and time required....... so here I am.

I've been glancing through some of the Blogs made by mates and can see a weird trend going on in their Malaysian minds....... they are all f*****g crazy!!! Not exactly the same people you see on Saturdays down at the local haunt..... hmmmm

Anyway, first entry, let's make it worth reading so that I don't get loadsa comments telling me to shut the hell up and go back to rolling 'Ones'............ (you gotta be a wargamer to understand that comment).

Well, its Wednesday and work has been seriously boring. I'm a manager at one of the colleges here in Malaysia, and in addition to management work, I am also a Principal Lecturer in a number of Engineering and Management subjects. Well, today I've been writing exam papers............ one of the most boring parts of the job (the worst part of this job is having to mark the buggers). So anyway, I'm really looking forward to Saturday when I'll be hanging out with the rest of the gang, gaming, smoking, chatting blah blah........

My parents are coming down on the 14th March for their annual visit. They only get to see us and their Grandkids once a year so I've gotta make the month they are here special. But their visits always worry me......... why????? Its quite simple. They ain't young. I see them once a year. When I collect them at the airport I worry about how old they have become, how old they look........ coz they will have aged by a year and every time they come here they look older and it really hits me that time is moving on........... kinda puts a bit of a downer on their visits, but thats how it goes.

Apart from that, we normally have a good time when they're here. Dad loves the fact that he can see more football games here than back in the UK. Mum spends most of her time with Liyana and with Alex as well this time...........

That's all for now. Maybe another entry a bit later if I have the time.